La Bacchanale is NFPO, which organizes immersive and multidisciplinary experiences in order to plunge each participant into a unique atmosphere

We are proud to introduce you to our new world  “DIE NACHTE DER FREIHEIT”. Based on the expression and the meaning of the word freedom, this double-edition event will take place with the Queen and King of Berlin : 
Ellen Allien (20.03) and Ben Klock (10.04).

Symbolic of this libertarian quest, Berlin is at the core of this new techno movement as it appears today in North America. But now that we are finally out of the Big Brother’s scope as we use to know it, are we still allowed to suspect a new form of control? Indeed, what ought to be thought of the recent Snowden controversy, or even Google and Facebook gigantic proportion and influences thanks to their tyrannical geo-location tools? Orwell has already warned us.. hasn’t he? Thoughts (and perhaps some answers) on March 20th and April 10th.

April 10st - FREINACHT II with BEN KLOCK

A limited number of EARLY-BIRD PASS and NORMAL VISA are on sale right now :