Bacchanale’s values statement shows what we stand for and what we believe in: our core values. The internalized framework of our core values functions as a moral compass that guides decision-making. It is a solid, never-to-be-compromised standard, that is at the core of our business and lays the foundation for everything we work on. 



To create a unique memorable experience that appeals to all senses and incorporates the elements of fun and surprise, mystery, imagination and participation. Dream big!



We strive to be at the forefront of the dance scene: we incorporate creativity on a professional level in all aspects of our events and are not afraid to take risks in trying new things in programming and experience design.



A warm welcome shows our appreciation of the scene and our audiences. We aim to establish a safe and inclusive environment for our audiences to express themselves freely and to become part of a united community.


Rave Tribute

As a flag bearer of the local scene, Bacchanale is committed to legitimise and respectfully grow the rich culture of rave.



2012 − 2017

From a love for partying and the urge to create a new incentive to inspire the dance scene of Montréal, we, the 4 founders of Bacchanale, joined forces in 2012. With the clear goal of wanting to create a following around a set of specified core values, we started producing events. With these events we wanted to go outside of clubs and offer the best parties around in a setting that has the intimacy of a local rave but the conditions of a safe, professionally produced, larger scale electronic music event. Progressive in terms of programming, the design of our audience’s experiences and looking for a sustainable model to cater to a growing range of different audiences in the future.

As our events gained traction and our different audiences grew in numbers, the brand Bacchanale expanded, which enabled new exciting ventures and added to the establishment of Bacchanale as an ambassador for the local dance scene.

In 2017 we proudly look back at producing over 45 events, bringing together audiences of 500 up to 2.500 people.  In doing so we’ve hosted some of the most renowned local and international artists including Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz, Ben Klock, Robert Hood, Benjamin Damage, Kerri Chandler, Bambounou, Omar S, Lil Louis, Rødhåd, Dax J, Extrawelt and many others. As we have been continuously looking for unique locations in the city, we’ve collaborated with the following organisations: Espace Reunion, le Société des arts technologiques, art galleries MASSIV art, Fonderie Darling and Le Livart, cinema studio Saint Ambroise and of course the beautiful Vieux Port and Hangar 16.

From event to movement

Where the brand Bacchanale was brought to life to support and promote the production of our events, over time, the brand has grown into something that represents a wide range of different types of services, products and content, distributed in real life and on multiple online channels.

Rather than representing only our flagship product (our events) our name and icon function as a reference to shared memories of sounds, industrial spaces, nights out with friends, talented artists, progressive experience design, projection and lights, our online messages and promotional media like teasers, after movies photo albums and last but not least our very own apparel.